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I dodged a BULLET!

Posted on by DS Newton - 3 comments

You did it again. I have this house you have been putting in tenants in for the past 15 years. They just renewed! They have been staying there for a long time. Before you started helping me I would loose them every second or third year!

I found out later, the other real estate offices that put in their client would talk the tenants into renting another property because they found them a better deal! Churning... OUCH!

Bull's Eye

Posted on by JR Waltham - 3 comments

Way to go Rick. I give you my 10,000 square foot commercial property to lease and you get me a top tenant with a long term lease within a month! You came highly recommended. Now I know why.

I can hardly wait to see what you do with this new listing I am about to give you! Ring me will you?

Bull's Eye x 2

Posted on by JR Waltham - 3 comments

Rick, lightning does strike twice in the same place!

You just rented my automotive garage within a week of getting the listing! UNBELIEVABLE!


Posted on by MS Canton - 3 comments

You find me this incredible investment opportunity that no one could have figured out how to make money on this property. Huge positive cash flow, great CAP rate! With you managing this property I can sleep soundly too!

Let's do it again! Start Packing!